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Arcturian  Ascension & Crystal Centre

IRa of Arcturus

Back an eon ago I grew up not knowing why I was so different. Life guides us in ways to manifest our greatness and "Godness", and my experiences have been vast and extraordinary. I have discovered that I Am a Starseed and Empath, and that my gifts and awakened state are by no mistake. I Am here to be of service to humanity.


Divine timing is no mistake. I work with your own Guides and Angels to assist you in your divine life plan, towards the evolution and ascension of your soul and master self. In this lifetime we are all ascending into 5th dimensional beings, broadening our existance as a human collective and taking a seat in the helm of the Galactic Federation of Planets, and "The Domain".


Now is the time for all to understand their own journey as Source Energy Beings, Creator Beings. We are more than meets the eye. Understanding your power enables us to live our lives in a more conscious, fluid and expanded manner. Allow me to share my gifts with you, so you may also live in the "One Heart" of all things, and understand the all inclusive consciousness of the cosmos... and so it is

Psychic Medium Card Readings

Psychic Clairvoyant Card Readings can be performed on Zoom Video or by visitation.


Contributions are as follows :

20 Min Session (Angel or 13Moon cards) $ 40.00

40 Min Session (Martian 5 card Spread)  $ 60.00
60 Min Session (Full 6 deck reading)       $120.00

Book with IRa by clicking the button below,

A new window will open to my new website :

or text/call me for details on mobile :

0419 951 133


Organite Spheres.jpg

Organite's crystalline structures are used for their multi-diverse energies for enlightenment, healing and protective modalities. They are useful tools for meditation, or as an addition to your special collection.


Aqua Aura - landscape.jpg

Crystals have long been appreciated by their beauty, essence, and power.


The crystals shown here are Aqua Aura points.


Resize ACP04.jpg

We have a variety of organite & crystal pendants to help dress your day and improve your feelings. Wearing these special gifts ensure you reap the benefits of their innate qualities.

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