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About IRa


IRa's Activation

Back in 2017 my life was very average, and I was unaware of what was about to change my life. One morning while I was in a quiet space, I was communicated to by 3 beings, telepathically. They voiced, "we are ready for you now". At that instant, I immediately knew what they had activated within me. I had a all knowing of exactly what they meant. This lead me to fast, clear, and begin meditating on a level I never knew existed. I began to "search". I found a deep spiritual connection with ET's, the Christ energy, and other sentient beings. I experienced paranormal phenomena on many levels, and am very grateful to those beings, whom are known as the Yahyel.



The tetrahedron you see here is a geometric meditation trilateral structure designed to amplify and magnify energy, intent, and flow. I use it to perform personal imprints and global healing.

This is acheived by use of general and advanced meditation practices. I use music mantras for powerful energy direction, amplification, and expansiveness of my auric fields, and guided meditations for alignment and activations. Along with my intent I am able to produce all sorts of tangible experiences that attracts me to more. I encourage anyone to build one for themselves... they are awesome...

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