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CE5 Contact Welcome

Hello and welcome to our CE5 contact group. The program is based on Steven Greers CE5 App, known as Close Encounters of the 5th Kind. We are amongst many thousands across the planet, participating in a collective consciousness to connect with higher intelligence beings, whom are prepared to share wisdom, and a new system of mutual, loving, collective unity across all nations.


We all belong to a greater community of the cosmos, and we are close to reuniting with our galactic origins as we all move into our "One Heart" paradigm. The more meditation and self awareness that we explore, the closer we all attain our grass roots as Source Energy beings... or Soul. For all beings carry Soul, and extraterrestrial beings are no different to us in that context, for they are also the "Sons and Daughters of God", for no separation truely exists...


Once we realize the illusion that we have created thru separation, will we then fully embrace all races not only on our planet, but also those in our galaxy and the greater universe... We welcome reunification of all Source Energy beings... And So It Is

CE5 Contact Protocol ~ Wix2.png

CE5 Contact Bunbury Sector

To join our Telegram group for chat, intel, and CE5 events, click link below:-

Meditation Practices

Meditation is a means to clearly evolve our spiritual awareness. Religion over the eons has not supported meditation, as it activates oneself into absolute sovereignty, and power of the self. Releasing oneself from the institution of religious systems allow us to receive the true nature of "God", which is absolute unconditional love, in unity with nature and our planet. Human kind has lost it's innate ability to communicate telepathically with all of life, debilitating us from understanding the true working of the cosmos of which we reside. Our meditation practices seek for all to reunite with their own power, and connection to Soul. 

Sunday Meditation 1212pm  #2.png
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